Light house photo shoot

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Metro Group owes it's origin and success to its founder Mr. Suresh C Jain, the iron and steel trading tycoon from Navi Mumbai. Together with other Investors/Promoters he commenced real estate developments in the year 2000. Over the last 14 years, the group has already delivered 1.5 million sqft of prime residential and commercial Living space and built a reputation for building trust along with homes.

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Metro Group develops state-of-the-art residential and commercial property and in just 8 years in the business, the company has more than 2 million sq.ft. of premium living, retail and work spaces under various stages of development. The group is Navi Mumbai's most trusted real estate brand, and believes in superior quality, attention to detail and perfection throughout its projects - from homes and hotels to offices and redevelopment projects.

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